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Quick Details

Piccolo hunt
Medio hunt
Grande hunt

Scavenger hunt

Depends on package you choose!

Bring friends, family or friends and test out our new activity, SCAVENGER HUNT!

A Scavenger Hunt is like a treasure hunt. You will receive a list of various destinations, things and activities to be carried out in teams during a given time. Collect as many points as you can and get a look around Trondheim at the same time. This activity is perfect for team building!

  • Piccolo: Scavenger Hunt from Havet Arena or Skansen
  • Medio: Kayak Scavenger Hunt. Includes paddling from Tempe to Havet Arena or Skansen where the games will continue.
  • Grande: Kayak Scavenger Hunt including food. This package includes paddling from Tempe to Havet Arena or Skansen, where you will be served a delicious take away sandwich before the game continues.